About Us

Our Fort Worth Veterinary Clinic:
Dog Grooming to Emergency Care

Community Pet Outreach provides care for all aspects of a pet’s health and well-being. Our Fort Worth veterinary clinic and emergency pet hospital offers a full range of services for dogs and cats that includes emergency, urgent and general health care. Our veterinary clinic is equipped for medical, surgical and anesthetic and non-anesthetic dental procedures. Dog grooming is available, as is cat and dog boarding in our large and welcoming cat and dog boarding facility. Our animal vet hospital also has an in-house pharmacy, laboratory and radiology unit. We understand that a healthy pet is an owner’s primary concern and we offer extensive services to meet the changing needs of a pet as they grow older.

Fort Worth Animal Vet Clinic Led by Compassionate Veterinarian and Emergency Pet Hospital Team

Dr. Terry Litsey, who received his doctor of veterinary medicine degree from Louisiana State University in 1988, founded Litsey Animal Hospital in 1999. In 2011 Litsey Animal Hospital joined forces with Community Pet Outreach to help provide more affordable pet care to the community. His wealth of knowledge, experience and dedication as a veterinarian is backed by an equally strong and compassionate team of veterinary nurses, receptionists, our dog boarding kennel staff and a top-notch emergency pet hospital office manager.

Tamara, Stacey and Amber make up our team of emergency pet hospital veterinary nurses, each bringing her own experience and expertise to our animal vet clinic. Tamara is our lead certified veterinary assistant who started working at our animal clinic 10 years ago as a kennel technician and quickly advanced through the ranks. Our front desk, scheduling and patient relations are handled by our efficient and friendly receptionists, Durisa and Francie. Their caring and compassion for our patients and their owners comes through in every task. Both are always eager and happy to help with questions and concerns that come our way.

Community Pet Outreach’s dog boarding and kennel facilities are maintained by our warmhearted kennel staff. Krisyla is our kennel technician who has been working at our veterinary hospital since 2008. More recent members of our kennel staff are Jannet, Ashley, Megan and Jordan, all of whom bring her own special brand of dedication and care to our Fort Worth animal clinic team.

Our dog grooming services are a cut above the rest with Cindi, who owned her own dog grooming business for 10 years and worked in the veterinary business for 18 years before joining us at Community Pet Outreach in 2004.

None of our efficient daily workings could happen without Robin, our knowledgeable and dedicated hospital manager. She has worked in the veterinary field for more than 24 years, with the last five here at Community Pet Outreach. Our veterinary hospital team would not be complete without animal hospital mascot Callie, our calico cat.

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