Can My Turtle Survive Without a Heater?  

Turtles are indeed fascinating to watch and adore. They are loved by adults and children because they have several attractive colours and markings as well as interesting personalities. When it comes to being domesticated and taking the form of pets, they are great as they have the ability to recognize their owners and begging for loads of food. It is part of their pet charm.

However, keeping a pet turtle is a lot of work.  They aren’t like the usual pets of cats and dogs. They do not like to be handled and have a huge life span that can go up to 20 or 30 years. It is imperative that they are given proper care, with a proper space and enclosure to grow with the best turtle tank heater. Buying a turtle is actually a larger investment than you would think, and their purchase is basically a commitment of taking care of them in the long haul.

 The Basic Turtle Necessities

Can My Turtle Survive Without a Heater?   

When it comes to the housing needs, the bigger the house, the better it is for the turtle. Many aquatic turtles are active and are constantly swimming, which is why you need to have a large enclosure. Based on the age and size of the turtle, you can choose the tank you think is appropriate. Most often, glass aquaria are the most popular choice.

You can choose anything from a 30-gallon tank, which is the absolute minimum size for the smaller species which are around 4 to 6 inches. For turtles that are within the size of 6 to 8 inches, you would find that a 55-gallon is the most appropriate. For any turtle that is bigger than 8 inches, a 125-gallon range is probably the best choice. With each tank, you are also required to find the best turtle tank heater which are considered to imperative when it comes to having a healthy turtle.

If you don’t want a tank, you can also use a tub or even ponds. Such ponds can be indoor or outdoor, which are more like the natural habitats of the turtles. One secret to being a successful turtle pet owner is having clean water. This requires you to have a good filtration system. You can use an aquarium filter or even a canister filter. No matter which one you choose, you need to regularly maintain them as turtles can be quite messy.

Finding the Right Tank Heater

Can My Turtle Survive Without a Heater?   

Finding and discovering the best turtle tank heater can be a tedious process as it may require a certain amount research and analysis before diving into its purchase, to ensure that it is worth the investment.

A good water heater is needed because most turtles spend about 75% of their lives in water. They swim in it, they drink it and even sleep in it. However, if the water is too hot or too cold, it can have harmful consequences. Water that is too cold has the ability to discourage them from eating, slow down their metabolism which affects their digestion and also increases the chances of the development of respiratory infections which are often fatal. If you want your pet turtle to be healthy and vibrant, you need to maintain the appropriate temperature.

The best turtle tank heater according to many is the submersible water heater. These are usually rod-shaped and are placed entirely submersed into the water, either vertically or horizontally. They are highly efficient and heat up the water in the tank quickly. One of the primary benefits is that they can be moved to a variety of places within the tank itself. It also almost always produces the accurate reading of the water temperature.

The other few reasons as to why they are loved by turtle owners is the fact that they are cheap. They are extremely affordable and thus don’t require you to spend too much on the heater. They are also very easy to set up and leave no space for complications. The submersible heaters are also simple when it comes their cleaning and removal from the tank.

Features of Different Water Heaters

Can My Turtle Survive Without a Heater?   

To choose the best turtle tank heater, you have to choose an appropriate one for your tank according to its size and the number of watts that will be required to ensure that the water is at the right temperature.  The higher number of watts in the water heater, that much better it will be for your pet. This is considering that you live in colder climates.

You can find several tank heaters coming in range of sizes. When they are of 100 to 500 watts, it can easily heat up to 100 gallons. They are even of titanium and thus make tube to prevent cracking and breaking. You can adjust the temperature in terms of degrees. Its analog controllers exists outside the tank which don’t require your hand to go inside the tank in the water. Some of them also come with an LED heating indicator which lets you know when the device is working when it is not. Some of them also switch off when the water levels become too low or too high. A few of the turtle tank heaters can be used for fresh and saltwater.

It is very important to find best turtle tank heater for your bet which ensures their healthy life. The heater also plays an important role in ensuring that they are safe and their growth is not harmed or stopped. The turtles live a long life so it is important to buy equipment for their in-home habitat which supports the same. The tanks should be as comfortable as the real homes of the turtle which is why it is recommended to invest in the same. All should be done by the owners to make sure that the turtles feel secure and are comfortable. It is the job of the pet owners to make the tanks as homely as possible for these beautiful creatures.