Cats and dogs cannot be presented directly to humans when sick. Do you know if our pet has a health problem? We must know the signs of sick dogs. Do not let things get out of control.

3 signs the dog is sick

There are many signs that your dog is sick. There are very small details such as dogs with more hair loss, dogs with bad breath, dogs with weak legs, lazy dogs drinking water.

But there are also very clear signs: dog refuses to eat, opaque dog’s eyes, dog with paw edema or diarrhea. Immediately following are detailed information on some signs of common dogs.

Dog Does Not Eat

If your pet refuses to eat for a day or more, it is a danger sign. The pace of life is always a golden sign to recognize health status. This applies to all animals, whether humans or dogs and cats.

 Anorexic dog

In this article, PetHealth dog and cat hospital addresses only the two most common cases. If you do not feel like these two situations, take the dog to the nearest veterinary facility for inspection.

The erratic eating will directly affect the dog’s health. At the same time, it is one of the signs of many dangerous, potentially fatal diseases in dogs.

Skip eating due to worms

Worms directly affect the dog’s digestive system. The worm causes anorexia, and it is not delicious. The most pronounced manifestation of this disease is helminthic shedding even as nematode. Another test is to look at a dog’s gums.

These are common diseases. If it’s pale, your puppy may have worms. This phenomenon appears more often in small dogs, about 2 months of age or younger.

To overcome, need to take dogs to kill helminths in prestigious veterinary facilities. This is a disease capable of spreading to humans, but many owners are still subjective

“Symptoms in animals: diarrhea, vomiting, bloody stools, worms found in the stool hives, abdominal pain and bloody stools

Skip Eating Due to Dental

One of the other common causes is oral hygiene. Weak teeth make it harder to eat. This phenomenon usually occurs when the dog has just woken up, new teething or after treatment for dangerous diseases.

The simplest way to check is to try giving your dog something lighter and following the process for a few days. Otherwise progresses or takes to a qualified doctor.

Opaque Dog Eyes

Regardless of whether it is a person or a dog or a cat, the eyes are always sensitive, vulnerable and difficult to recover from an accident. When the eyes are milky or blue, they are all signs of eye disease.

A sincere advice for owners when discovering this is to take the dog to a veterinary facility for inspection. The conjecture will sometimes be incorrect.

Cataracts in dogs

One of the most likely causes of this phenomenon is that your dog has cataracts. If this condition persists, the dog’s vision may become worse, possibly causing blindness. Popular in old dogs, already on the other side of life.

Gastrointestinal Disorders

Gastrointestinal disorders include diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, flatulence and any other unusual symptoms after eating. The best way to find the cause is to “look at the diagnosis”.

  • Stool is light yellow (often dark): areas of the liver or bile that are having problems. If urination is also a problem, then you should try adding urine to the exact disease.
  • Feces are also yellow but mucus: daily foods are not suitable for digestion, need to change the diet (food intake, meal time, type of food …) or helminths.
  • The stool is dark gray: there may be weak pancreatic snow. Need to add easily digestible foods, reduce protein-rich foods.
  • Green manure: if your diet does not contain a lot of greens, then your gut is infected with helminths or your dog is suffering from inflammatory bowel disease – a very serious disease.
  • The stool is red: blood is of course. This is a sign of many dangerous diseases. Get immediate medical attention.

Through this article, we hope readers understand the level of danger. And there are timely options if the dog is ill so that the worst case doesn’t happen.

Fort Worth Cat and Dog Boarding

One of the main considerations for boarding your pet at Community Pet Outreach is that if we are your pet’s veterinarian, then your pet is already familiar with our hospital and our veterinary team is already familiar with your pet. Because Fort Worth pet boarding, like any visit to a vet, can be stressful for pets. By taking your pet to a familiar place will greatly reduce that stress.

Boarding your pet at Community Pet Outreach not only means that your pet is going to get the very best in Fort Worth pet boarding care, but that if a medical emergency does arise, your pet is in great hands. If your pet is already a patient at our clinic, we will have the pet’s full medical history available and will be able to provide immediate care. We also offer additional services such as examinations, vaccinations and grooming to make your pet’s visit even more convenient.

Community Pet Outreach is fully equipped to handle your pet’s needs for Fort Worth dog boarding. We make sure that your dog has a kennel that is suited to their size and we can easily accommodate both large and small breeds. We will make sure that your dog gets enough exercise, as well as people time, so that they don’t get bored.

Dog Boarding

Our pet boarding facilities are overseen by a dedicated staff that makes sure that your pet’s stay is as enjoyable as possible. We will take care of your pets like they are our own, and their stay with us will be more like a Fort Worth pet holiday rather than being put in a boarding facility.

We also offer cat boarding in a low-stress environment. Perfect for cats to laze the day away, or they can come out and play. We will be like a home away from home for your cats, giving them the best possible care, just like you would at home.

Fort Worth Veterinary Hospital Dog Grooming

We at Community Pet Outreach pride ourselves in taking care of your dog the way that you would. We offer various dog grooming services at our Forth Worth veterinary hospital in addition to many routine and advanced veterinary services. A standard dog grooming session includes a bath, ear cleaning, a coat trim or shave, and nail trimming. All of the grooming we provide is handled by our wonderful groomer, Cindi.

Fort Worth Animal Hospital

Fort Worth Dog Grooming For Healthy and Happy Dogs

The first step in dog grooming is ensuring that your dog is washed using the appropriate type of shampoo for their skin and coat type. The shampoo is an important aspect of the overall dog grooming experience. Our Fort Worth veterinarians have selected a groomer that is trained to select the correct shampoo for each dog that we groom. This includes ones that are designated for fleas, itchy skin, or ones that will reduce shedding. If your dog has normal skin then we will use a shampoo that leaves him or her smelling amazing and looking good, too.

Next, we will move on to some supplementary dog grooming. This includes cleaning out any wax build up in the ears and checking for any ear mites or parasites. If our groomer encounters something suspicious, we can have a veterinarian take a second look. Although not included with standard grooming, we do offer teeth brushing as well. In addition to reducing the odor of a dog’s breath, dental care is essential to maintaining the overall health of your pet.

Finally, we move on to coat maintenance. Cindi is well versed and experienced with different breeds and will recommend breed-specific cuts. Depending on the length and condition of the dog’s coat, we can simply trim and snip around their feet and face, give them a sanitary shave or provide a full body shave for comfort and cleanliness. The dog will then be brushed, de-matted as necessary, and blown dry.


Nail trimming is also including in our Fort Worth dog grooming service. Nails can be very fragile and it is important to trim them properly to avoid bleeding. Once trimmed, they will be filed down, leaving your dog able to run around your home without scratching anyone.

Before we send your dog home, he or she will be outfitted with a bandana or bow to look extra special before walking into your home. All of this can be done right at our veterinary hospital.

If you have to go away for a weekend or a week, your dog can stay right with us in our dog boarding facility. We not only make sure that he or she is having a great time, but we will take care of any dog grooming needs during your pet’s stay if requested. Our groomer works closely with our veterinarians to ensure that your dog is healthy and happy. If Cindi detects a lump or a parasite infection during the grooming session, she is able to speak with our veterinarians, who can diagnose and begin treatment after speaking with you.

Call us at 817-918-3046 to schedule an appointment today with our wonderful groomer Cindi.

About Cindi

Cindi graduated from Columbus Technical Institute with an Associate Degree in Animal Health. She trained for six months at a grooming school and started her own business. After owning her business for ten years she sold it and moved back to Texas with her husband Larry. Cindi worked in the veterinary business for eighteen years before coming to work at Community Pet Outreach in June 2004.

When Cindi is not grooming dogs, she is training and competing in the AKC conformation shows, agility, field, rally trials and tracking tests. She is also an AKC Earthdog judge several times a year. Cindi has owned, bred, trained and shown Miniature Wirehaired Dachshunds for over 30 years. She’s the best!