Fort Worth Veterinary Hospital Dog Grooming

We at Community Pet Outreach pride ourselves in taking care of your dog the way that you would. We offer various dog grooming services at our Forth Worth veterinary hospital in addition to many routine and advanced veterinary services. A standard dog grooming session includes a bath, ear cleaning, a coat trim or shave, and nail trimming. All of the grooming we provide is handled by our wonderful groomer, Cindi.

Fort Worth Animal Hospital

Fort Worth Dog Grooming For Healthy and Happy Dogs

The first step in dog grooming is ensuring that your dog is washed using the appropriate type of shampoo for their skin and coat type. The shampoo is an important aspect of the overall dog grooming experience. Our Fort Worth veterinarians have selected a groomer that is trained to select the correct shampoo for each dog that we groom. This includes ones that are designated for fleas, itchy skin, or ones that will reduce shedding. If your dog has normal skin then we will use a shampoo that leaves him or her smelling amazing and looking good, too.

Next, we will move on to some supplementary dog grooming. This includes cleaning out any wax build up in the ears and checking for any ear mites or parasites. If our groomer encounters something suspicious, we can have a veterinarian take a second look. Although not included with standard grooming, we do offer teeth brushing as well. In addition to reducing the odor of a dog’s breath, dental care is essential to maintaining the overall health of your pet.

Finally, we move on to coat maintenance. Cindi is well versed and experienced with different breeds and will recommend breed-specific cuts. Depending on the length and condition of the dog’s coat, we can simply trim and snip around their feet and face, give them a sanitary shave or provide a full body shave for comfort and cleanliness. The dog will then be brushed, de-matted as necessary, and blown dry.


Nail trimming is also including in our Fort Worth dog grooming service. Nails can be very fragile and it is important to trim them properly to avoid bleeding. Once trimmed, they will be filed down, leaving your dog able to run around your home without scratching anyone.

Before we send your dog home, he or she will be outfitted with a bandana or bow to look extra special before walking into your home. All of this can be done right at our veterinary hospital.

If you have to go away for a weekend or a week, your dog can stay right with us in our dog boarding facility. We not only make sure that he or she is having a great time, but we will take care of any dog grooming needs during your pet’s stay if requested. Our groomer works closely with our veterinarians to ensure that your dog is healthy and happy. If Cindi detects a lump or a parasite infection during the grooming session, she is able to speak with our veterinarians, who can diagnose and begin treatment after speaking with you.

Call us at 817-918-3046 to schedule an appointment today with our wonderful groomer Cindi.

About Cindi

Cindi graduated from Columbus Technical Institute with an Associate Degree in Animal Health. She trained for six months at a grooming school and started her own business. After owning her business for ten years she sold it and moved back to Texas with her husband Larry. Cindi worked in the veterinary business for eighteen years before coming to work at Community Pet Outreach in June 2004.

When Cindi is not grooming dogs, she is training and competing in the AKC conformation shows, agility, field, rally trials and tracking tests. She is also an AKC Earthdog judge several times a year. Cindi has owned, bred, trained and shown Miniature Wirehaired Dachshunds for over 30 years. She’s the best!