Signs of a Sick Dog

3 Signs of a Sick Dog

With pets, certainly no one wants them to get sick or have problems, because whether heavy or mild, they affect their life as well as their daily activities. However, if you have been raising dogs, cats, … then it is quite obvious that they get sick, this is inevitable because as we ourselves, the goods are subject to different influences from different sides, so It is very easy to encounter many problems.

Dogs and cats are usually much more immune than humans, but this does not mean they cannot get sick. However, if they get sick they are often quite serious and dangerous, especially when you do not know and do not pay attention to treat them.

The most common illnesses can include colds, constipation, exhaustion, mites or more severe illness related to infection.

And for you to best fix and treat your pet no matter what the problem is, it is always most important that you know the disease from before by signs. Because when predictable manifestations are present, finding drugs or identifying the disease will be much easier.

In fact, with pets, they cannot speak or communicate with you, but if you pay close attention, you can completely notice their differences. Below are some of the most common symptoms.


First of all, you need to distinguish the symptoms of anorexia caused by disease and because they skip meals every day. This should be noticed in your daily meals.

If they skip meals abnormally, lose their appetite even with their favorite foods, keep an eye out because they most likely have a disease or have a problem.

Fatigue expression

The most obvious symptom when the pet is sick should mention fatigue. If normally, pets like dogs and cats are often quite active and very playful, when they are sick, they will feel more tired, often lying down and not as active as before.

Or sometimes, they show signs of fear when you touch them is also quite obvious. In addition, you can watch for other abnormal signs such as going to the toilet, …

In general, self-grasping the signs and initial manifestations when a pet like a dog or cat is sick also helps you very well in future treatment. If mild or only start when they are sick, you can buy medicine for monitoring, if they get worse, you should take them to veterinary hospitals. And of course, when you go to the hospital, being able to present the symptoms will also greatly aid in the treatment of the doctors.

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