Things to Prepare to Take Care of a Puppy Before Giving Birth

Things to Prepare to Take Care of a Puppy Before Giving Birth

What needs to be prepared to best care a puppy? How should a mother dog be cared for before giving birth? These are things that every dog ​​owner should be aware of. Because the prenatal period is very important, related to the health of the mother and her puppies.

Here are the prenatal puppy care experiences compiled by from experts. Let’s learn the basic skills to deal with when dealing with yourself.

Things to prepare for the best puppy care

First, we have to prepare a large nest for the mother dog, preferably wood or paper. The nest box should be placed in a quiet, warm corner and protected from wind. In the nest a little cloth, but not too much to avoid the puppy getting trapped.

Prepare your dog’s prenatal tools: clean towels, scissors, thread, cotton, disinfectant, sink, old newspaper. It is best to have insulation equipment (light bulbs, electric blankets, thick towels, …) in winter.

If you are not too familiar with the female dog’s reproductive history, it is best to contact a veterinarian or ask someone experienced. If you have a breed with a relatively high rate of difficulty birth, it is best for your doctor to accept it. If you are the midwife, it is best to know the entire birth process, to avoid an accident at birth.

Prepare for the mother dog’s breeding

The mother dog is afraid of falling into a state of fatigue during childbirth. In order to be able to replenish energy in a timely manner, it is possible to prepare digestible foods with sufficient nutrients. Feed the dog before giving birth.

Make sure to clean the nipples of the dog before giving birth. Shave around and clean your genitals. Fertility can contract uterus contractions that accompany pain. The mother is panting, then very quickly, her anus and genitals enlarge.

At this point, only seeing the mother using the force of contraction, the puppy in the sheath was born. During the birth process, it is best for the owner to accompany them. For the mother to take care of the puppies by herself, the owner only needs to be around to help when necessary.

Dealing with bad situations

After a mother has severe pain, if she has not delivered within an hour, it may be difficult to deliver. The veterinarian must be contacted promptly. When the mother is in pain, with shortness of breath, you can gently press her stomach as a rule. Massage the mammary glands to help it deliver. At the same time gently comforting and cheering the mother dog.

The birthing position depends on the mother dog. Many are horizontal at birth, many others are in the posture of excretion. After the puppies are born, the mother will lick each other so that it breaks quickly. The mother dog bites off the umbilical cord, licks her face, nose and body to let the puppies breathe.

In the event that the mother does not take any action, or in order to save her dog’s energy, the owner must help out.

Coordinate with the mother dog’s breathing to pull out the puppies. Then tear the puppy’s membrane. Use cotton yarn to wrap the umbilical cord at a distance of 1 cm, cut the cord 2 cm and wipe the umbilical cord. If the mother dog bites off the umbilical cord for too long, the same action is required.

Take care of your puppy after giving birth

After the puppy comes out the most important thing is to confirm whether he is breathing. If the puppy is not breathing, cover it with a towel quickly. Hold the puppy’s head down, then vigorously wipe the puppy with a towel. Respiratory stimulation to save puppies life in time. Wait for the puppies to react to the dog in front of the dog and let the puppy lick her body.

Puppies have a respiratory response, after handling the umbilical cord, wipe their body with a warm-temperature towel, and after wiping the puppy’s body, let them breastfeed again.

The time for each birth is about 20-40 minutes apart. If you still do not produce in the 1 hour period, you should promptly consult your veterinarian for treatment.

But the rate of mother dogs born at midnight is very large, not convenient to take to the hospital. You can move slowly, massage from the top to the bottom of the belly of the dog. At the same time their dogs eat a little supplementary food, to help them facilitate reproduction.

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